Needle exchange


Services for drug users

During our opening hours, drug users can exchange or purchase used syringes and utensils for sterile syringes and clean accessories such as spoons, alcohol swabs, smoking foils, etc. They can also receive advice on safer use, so that drug users in our structurally weak region have access to sterile consumption utensils as widely and as low-threshold as possible, in order to minimise the risks associated with drug use. The syringe exchange offers low-threshold access, the establishment of contact and the possibility of passing on information and materials on safer use, safer sex and treatment and testing possibilities with regard to HIV and HCV in the otherwise often difficult to reach target group.

In the city of Oldenburg you will find two syringe vending machines run by AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg e.V., where Safer Use utensils can be purchased for a small fee:

In addition, drug users can obtain the Safer Use packages from the following pharmacies in the region