Offers for people with HIV and Aid

We offer counselling, support, training and leisure activities for HIV-positive people, their relatives and friends. We support self-help activities and provide premises. We also provide up-to-date information material on living with HIV.

  • Help in challenging life situations, e.g. after a positive HIV test: What happens now? How can I deal with my infection? Who can I talk to?
  • Counselling on personal questions and topics related to the HIV infection, e.g. partnership, job, sexuality, family, social environment, health, desire for children & pregnancy
  • Possibilities of social security and financial difficulties
  • Support in cases of discrimination, e.g. in the workplace or in the health system
  • Support with residence law problems
  • Mediation to other counselling centres, therapists, doctors and clinics
  • We would be happy to accompany you on your way and look for possibilities together.