Mitglied werden

together we are strong

Like every association, AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg lives from the commitment of its members. There are two forms of membership, the full membership and the supporting membership.

The membership fee is 50,00 € per year, for people with low income only 25,00 € per year. Supporting members additionally support the association financially. We would like full members to be involved in the association on a voluntary basis.

Full members are entitled to vote in the general meeting. The general meeting is the highest organ of our association, makes the important strategic decisions and elects the board of directors. Every member can be elected to the board of directors and thus actively contribute to the work of AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg.

Every member of the AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg e.V. is a voice for acceptance and solidarity, against exclusion and discrimination of people affected by HIV. Every member makes us more independent from other donors!