Pro Plus Niedersachsen

PRO+ is the Lower Saxony network of people with HIV and AIDS. PRO+ is an initiative of positives for positives.

PRO+ provides personal support
A positive HIV test result can be an occasion to make our lives more active and positive. The exchange of experiences and reflection with other women and men in the same situation can help in this. Together we are stronger to improve our own life situation and our living conditions. We empower each other to deal constructively with HIV and AIDS.

PRO+ networked
PRO+ networks individuals and self-help groups within and outside of the Aids support services. Positive people stand by their infection and have an open ear for others.

PRO+ is socially committedGetting involved seems important to us: We live in a social environment that is often sceptical or even hostile towards us. Therefore we would have enough reasons to hide our infection with the HI-Virus, to disguise ourselves and to hide - be it in our family, at work, in the church, in our communities etc.

  • + That is why we publicly oppose stigmatisation and discrimination.
  • + That is why we give HIV and AIDS faces and positive voices.