Über uns

The AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg is committed to HIV/AIDS prevention and care for HIV-positive people in the northwest. In addition to the city of Oldenburg, the catchment area includes the districts of Ammerland, LK Oldenburg, LK Wesermarsch, LK Cloppenburg, the municipality of Stuhr as well as the entire East Frisia and the city of Delmenhorst. The AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg sees itself as a supplement to the existing health system and is oriented towards the principle of self-help. In addition to the full-time professional staff, volunteers* support our work.

Our commitment

  • We keep awareness of HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections alive
  • We are committed to the acceptance of different ways of life and love
  • We are in solidarity with HIV-positive people and call discrimination by name
  • We work according to client-centred and accepting pedagogical approaches
  • We support self-help activities
  • We promote self-determined and lustful sexuality and enable people to live self-confidently and responsibly
  • We work with target group specific low-threshold offers